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Are you ready for the ride?

Recently a friend posted a statement comparing life to a roller coaster.

Sometimes life is like a roller coaster… As the momentum builds climbing the first hill, slow and steady we begin to waver and change our mindset, instead be encouraged to anticipate the ride. It’s worth the drop in the pit of your stomach while you’re screeching down from the top, allow yourself to throw up your hands, let go of your fear and enjoy the ride!

Carol Shockley

Yes, we need to anticipate and be able to manuever through the twist and turns of life. However, there is a difference between a free fall and choosing to get on the ride. Life with no control is a free fall, no idea when or where you will land. It make you ‘feel’ like you are on a roller coaster with the daily ups and downs.

Roller coasters can be exciting when we control when to get on. If someone else is controlling the ups and downs in your life, it’s time to get off the ride and take control for our own benefit .

Tip #2 – Take control

Do you feel like life is a spiraling roller coaster of finances, work, family, and added to that, responsibility of the growth and development of the next generation? You know those feelings, the surges, ups, downs and rush. Anticipation of reduction, layoffs and continuous threats of pay cuts keep most educators in a state of flux. Acknowledge that certain environmental factors are out of your control but don’t have to control you. Adapt and create a mindset which focuses on your approach and your attitude. Take control – and determine your future.

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Creating New Realities!

Sometimes you just need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It is a process of growth. I took that journey and now know where I can best use my skills.

I just completed the book “The Wealthy Teacher”  not a minute too soon. It was announced that 1015 teachers will be laid off in Clark County Nevada. Unfortunately it is not unique to this region, it is happening all over the country. I understand teachers pain and anxiety – I was an educator for many years. Therefore with this book and seminars I am here to assist and support laid off educators to land on their feet with strategies and a plan to create a new reality for their future.

I’d like to hear from educators faced with losing your job. What are your plans? How can I help you?

Tip #1 Celebrate YOU!

Most teachers choose their profession because of a deep sense of passion and purpose. Their ideals are so powerful they chose teaching rather than pursue other, more lucrative career paths that offer luxurious perks or benefits, even though a career in teaching required the same educational investment.  These factors alone make educators ‘UNIQUE.’

You are FANTASTIC! Look at what you have achieved. A college degree, certifications, endorsements and licensing are great accomplishments. Yes, the educational environment on many levels is stressful, but don’t let that insignificant factor, yes insignificant, shift you from what is really important to YOU.  Take inventory of YOU and celebrate all you have to give. Remember and keep repeating this phrase. EDUCATORS ARE UNIQUE!

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