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Sacrifice and You

Through life we often make sacrifices. For family, friends or to reach targeted goals. We look at it as a part of the journey we must endure. Some sacrifices lead to bigger and better outcomes and are worth the temporary discomfort. However, those sacrifices that go against our core beliefs can have a profound and lasting effect. Learn to distinquish actions that are good for you. Remember the E+R=O theory. Events + Response = Outcomes. Events happen, you can’t control them. What matters most is how will you RESPOND? Will the response be aligned with and grounded in your values? This key factor determines if the outcome will have short term solutions or life long implications. Are you prepared to make the right response?


Sacrifice is something educators become accustom to but NEVER sacrifice your ‘YOU VALUES’. If you do not make intentional actions to stay centered, happiness and satisfaction will always be an elusive commodity. Be happy, be centered and let your YOU VALUES be the focal point, heart of what you do and guide the decision making process. This will allow you to claim the spotlight of center stage in your life.


How much is your passion worth?

Passion is a powerful force. It feeds your soul and directs your actions. It also can be the foundation for personal and career success. Entrepreneurialism is grounded in passion. Teaching is grounded in passion. So why not merge the two. has it right: Entrepreneurs,  in the purest sense,  are those who identify a need—any need—and fill it. It’s a primordial urge, independent of product, service, industry or market. The nature of entrepreneurship is centered on the founders’ passions for their products. Passion is important; fascination’s good, too. Both propel business owners to pour themselves into their work and create jobs in the process.

The U.S. economy needs all kinds of entrepreneurs—from coders to clockmakers, the relentless, seek-and-solve breed is our salvation. They are the ones forever craning their necks, addicted to “looking around corners” and “changing the world.” They—not lenders—are the real money multipliers: the ones who turn $1 of capital into $2, then $2 into $10, and $10 into $100.

Tip #5 – You can increase your bottom line – $$$ – safely

Teachers, this will help answer the question What’s next? in your career journey. Economic times have changed therefore creative and enterprising people (like YOU) are exploring how to make more money. The biggest mistake most often made is going into an enterprise for the wrong reasons. The phrase, multiple streams of income, has become common place and if done with Passion and the proper PROCESS can be fulfilling and financially rewarding.  There are positively proven and tested systems that DO work and incorporate all the safety nets for success.

Visit Explore your options. Engage in the process by joining a Master Mind group. All available for you now.

The Fear Factor

Can you remember a time when you wanted something really bad however it was right outside of your comfort zone. What did you do? Let it go with the explanation, “It wasn’t the right time.” Or better yet, have a running dialogue on the pros and cons and convincingly talk yourself out of taking the next step. Was your reaction grounded in fear? We all have had those experiences and episodes through life. How you react is the what will determine the outcome. Did you acknowledge and identify the root cause of your fears? The key is being prepared to face your fears.

Tip #4 – Release the Fear Factor

Fear has strange effects on the mind and body. It can paralyze you, fill you with self doubt, stop you from taking action or simply be the wall that blocks you.  It moves productive individuals into a state inaction. Know that when you can take control, understand the process and stay within your comfort zone,  fear is not a factor. It frees you to think creatively and productively opening up a world of opportunities that otherwise would have remained dormant.


What’s next for laid off teachers?

Here in Las Vegas, the lead story on the morning news reported protest by parents and teachers of the proposed lay offs by CCSD . We don’t want to lose teachers but unfortunately some will leave the system forcibly or by choice. The real question is, ‘What’s next for them?” Even if the projected 1,015 lay offs is not reached (hopefully) there are still many displaced educators in this community and around the country. Who is helping them manuever through a sea of change? They need encouragement and guidance to answer the question ‘what’s next’ for them!! Their future is not bleak if they have the tools to succeed.

I am here to help. As the author of THE WEALTHY TEACHER my goal is to provide the support and guidance needed. If you know ANY former or current educators please share this information. Connect them with my blog, website or have them contact me directly. Time is of the essence and they need support now!!

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Mindset of Educators

I spent many years in the education sector, high school, staff developer and in higher education and each position feed a need I have and valued. Educators have unique qualities, a mindset that allows them to pursue a career that they know is underpaid, overworked and underappreciated. You have to be a pretty special person to pursue that knowingly.

My goal is to help educators transition into a mindset of valuing their worth. No, I am not referring to self-esteem, I am speaking dollars and cents. Recognize the monetary value your skills can produce. Your ‘YOU Values’ are powerful AND valuable. Just because you have a passion doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice to feed that core. Accept that your values and passions are what drives you and then learn how to monetize them effectively.

Accept that you are a Rock Star!!

Tip #3 – Know your ‘You Values’

Values are things we feel very strongly about. For example, most of us will say that having enough money to live comfortably is important to us, but many are willing to work for less because what they value most is not money. Selecting education as a career was an intentional choice.  Working for a specific cause, helping people or having free time resonated with your values. They are your ‘YOU VALUES’. These should always be the heart of what you do and proceed in life or dissatisfaction and restlessness will constantly surface.


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