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Calling All Dreamers!!

Here’s a valuable post I would like to share from The Change Blog.


Be Empowered!

I’ve written before about the impact of fear and how it can paralyze a person. Over the last week the subject has come up repeatedly and I’d like your feedback. As a business strategist I talk to many people that have a dream but for various reasons are stuck – yes stuck and held captive by fear and held back to take action to make their dream a reality.

I speak of fear in my book The Wealthy Teacher. I think it is important to point out that fear is an emotion. On the other hand so is excitement! They are two emotions that create the exact same physical reactions in our bodies. However you must be aware of and prepared to have the right response. It’s all about how we learn to experience and perceive this sensation. Can you have an attitude adjustment and let fear become excitement? YES!! Career change could be fearful, following your passion and dreams can be scary…. however with a plan, understanding and awareness you can make your passion come to life as an exciting new journey. Be prepared and excited about your future.
Tell me your fears… tell me how it has stopped you. Tell me how you will make an attitude adjustment.
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Jump Start

Do you have an idea that is sitting dormant? Have you asked yourself, What’s next in your journey?

Sometimes we just need a push to get Jump Started. Someone else guiding and supporting us through the process. Utilizing support is the best way to work through your ideas and visions. It sets the framework and makes those intentions become tangible.

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting individuals that are on the verge of answering the question What’s next? I saw the drive and passion and recognized that what’s needed is the guidance and encouragement to get started. I also understand the hesitation so here is the solution to take that first step and get started creating your future. The green light is on – go from 0 to 60 right now!!

The 0 to 60 Jump Start program is a semi-private coaching plan that delivers the same quality guidance as private coaching plus the added bonuses of dialogue, feedback, camaraderie and support.

Get a jump start and together we will answer:

  • What is the first step to build and launch your business?
  • How does the process evolve?
  • How do you create revenue streams before your business is fully operational?
  • What to avoid and how to stay focused.

In 0 to 60 Jump Start you will:

  • Create YOUR business model
    • Identify and define products or services
    • Identify multi level revenue sources and feeder system
    • Ideal market and feasibility
    • Initial financial requirements
    • Business entity process
    • First step implementation process
      • Marketing
      • Client acquisition

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Take Action

This weeks blog will be a little different.  Let’s start a discussion. You may not realize it but many of us shy away from taking action. I know I have on many occasion let fear stop me. I discussed the paralyzing effects of fear before. Let’s look past the fear and recognize the affect of not taking action for any reason.

Tell me about instances where you did not take action – and what were the results. Your comments will help and empower others.

Tip #8 – Set Intentions – it is your ACTION PLAN

Intentions can be very deceptive. In general we all have good intentions, a dream or other version within the What If realm.  For intentions to be powerful they must be set, committed to and outlined in a process. One way to set intentions is to ask the question, “Who am I and what do I want?”  This will center on the YOU VALUES and what goals you have for yourself. As educators you understand the value of goals, your objective. Think of it as the lesson plan for your future. The thing that must happen is to plant, nurture and ACT upon those intentions.  Until you commit your goals to paper, you have intentions that are seeds without soil.

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Value Your Worth

In recent post I have discussed celebrating you,  releasing fears, taking control and variety ot topics centered around your VALUES , a noun which defines beliefs or ideals which guide your actions. Now I am going to discuss the term VALUE. Webster’s Dictionary defines the verb VALUE as a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged or the monetary worth of something in the market price.

Many educators or anyone that gives abundantly as a part of their nature often and consistently undervalue their own worth – monetarily how much are you worth? Those in education have come to accept as the norm to be underpaid, overworked and under appreciated. I understand that concept because I also ascribed to it. However, I came to recognize and made a paradigm shift to VALUE my worth and  did not give up my ‘Values’.

Within my book The Wealthy Teacher I describe the Three Pillars of Success – Your Mindset, Your Values and Your Worth. Visualize a three-legged stool that represents you. If one is not present the stool will collaspe.

Tip #7 – Know your VALUE!

You have a college degree, you have a specialized expertise and know how to connect and motivate individuals to reach goals. These are specialized skills and in any other sector are valuable assets. Take those attributes and convert them into a value set for you. In education we don’t need to think in an entrepreneurial mindset and have devalued these skills. People will PAY for your services and products. It’s time to put a dollar value on what you have to offer and start making them work for YOUR benefit.

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