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What Does Passion Mean to You?

This time of year tends to provoke our senses to settle on the surface. It stirs up fond memories, the pain of a loss, the follow your passionexcitement of the season, and the inevitable closing of a year to begin a new one. We often think about things we’ve accomplished, wanted to, should have and the time-tested question – What’s next?

Much of the work and projects I did in 2012 evolved from a long existing passion that emerged to create a clear path for me. It wasn’t a conscious decision, nor was I aware of it until I started writing my book The Wealthy Teacher. My passion became the focus and core of how I moved forward. It solidified how I wanted to serve, that my skills were not lost after leaving the education sector, but now redirected. I discovered that helping others to build strong foundations, to share knowledge and expertise, is a modified version of my passion… I teach.

So let me ask what’s next for you?  Are you maximizing the value of your passions? Do you ground yourself and do work that supports your passions? What does passion mean to you? As the clock ticks down to 2013 will you let passion be your guide to answer the question what’s next for you. These questions apply to all the areas I support. Individuals, entrepreneurs and teachers embarking on a career shift, let passion guide your path to what’s next.

Nonprofit organizations and those thinking of starting one, passion created the mission, make sure you build a foundation to sustain that passion.

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