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Building Your Tribe

Over the last 18 – 24 months, my life, career and perspective on who I am has taken a major shift. It wasn’t a big “AH HA’ moment but a gradual shift and realization of my strengths and weaknesses. Concepts I had to embrace include, I do not have super powers, live on an island, know everything, and must do everything myself.  This was an eye opener…. for those of you that know me. Touche! Feels so good to acknowledge and put it out there.

These discoveries came during restructuring my company and writing the book The Wealthy Teacher: Answering the question, what’s next?  I was exploring my roots, re-living past experiences and looking at how my career and life evolved. It was an adventure down memory lane that stirred and reignited some of my own passions. It was the message I was conveying to my readers, yet I had strayed from that path and was not honoring my own passions. However, that is not the purpose of this blog. I digress….

My time writing is significant because it became a time of isolation and it made me realize the power of being connected, to your tribe, your community. My entire career had been based on building relationships, creating bonds and tribes, watching others grow and succeed. I still need that and it is my passion.

my_tribeTony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos in his bestselling book, Delivering Happiness details his journey building his tribe. 75 years ago Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, introduced the concept of mastermind groups, a highly successful business strategy widely used today. People with similar goals, challenges and interest gather to gain multiple perspectives and use this time to solve problems and gain insight. A tribe…

My goal is to help others build their tribe, a community to call their own. You will be my tribe too.

Come join my tribe. Join a community that will support your goals.

So here’s the plan – I’ll offer two main streams of support.  The use of virtual meetings and webinars has grown in significance as a useful tool, however the POWER of live interaction can not be totally overlooked. For me personally it has two outcomes, provides a vehicle for me to support my clients needs, and feeds my soul. Sounds like a win-win. It will allow me to embrace my passion for training and serving.

Monthly Mastermind Calls – Building Your Tribe and Community

Starting February 12th the Nuts & Bolts Community Forums will launch. A mastermind group for individuals that want to ‘build a tribe’ of others facing the same challenges and successes in their nonprofits. Strategies, guidance and most important a group of like minded, passion driven people coming together. For more information visit:

Also, pick you your FREE – 10 Tips for Effective Nonprofit Management.

In the spring, The Wealthy Teacher forums will launch to coincide with the official release of the book. Stay tuned for more details. Know a frustrated educator? Please pass on the information.

Sign up for 10 Tips to Get Off the Roller Coaster at:

Live Workshops

I LOVE live workshop – this is where I get my energy and thrive.

Nuts & Bolts NPO Training series

The next series is February 7, 14 & 21st. Get registered for this exclusive live training. Here’s 5 Powerful Reasons to Attend a Workshop in Person, a few tips on why live training is so powerful. They are from Steve Coxsey’ article in the January 2013 newsletter The Trailblazer.

  1. Meet people who share your deep values – they are like kindred spirits
  2. Be part of a group that develops a feeling of community – they become your tribe
  3. Participate in the power of the mastermind – it’s true, more minds ARE better than one
  4. A strong commitment to yourself – demonstrates that YOU have value
  5. Get in the conversation – put your ideas on the table and get feedback

To learn all about the Nuts & Bolts NPO Training opportunities visit:

Connect with these groups and Dr. Victoria Boyd

Join the conversations on Facebook: The GALAXY group & Wealthy_Teacher

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What’s Next?

“What’s next?” These two powerful little words ask a big question.  A question we have all asked some time in our life. We all want to know…. and we need to get it right. A lot hangs on the question and the answer. So what is your What’s next? Do you know how to respond?

For me the question, “What’s next?” seems to be popping up everywhere. Maybe because I use it as a key question in my book The Wealthy Teacher, or when helping nonprofits, or frankly it is a question I am also asking myself. You know how the subconscious works. For example, you decide to buy a car and like a miracle, don’t you see that car everywhere you turn. Everyone has it – your car. Your subconscious has been put on high alert. I am on high alert for “What’s next?”

The question has significance and I should have recognized sooner that I was in the ‘What’s next?” business my entire education career. Students constantly ask, “What’s next?” However, thinking I had transitioned out of that mindset, the significance diminished. But whoa! It’s back and it’s back strong. I help two separate sectors answer their What’s next? I am still in the “What’s next?” business.


Educators facing change, threatened with layoff, frustrated or realizing that an education career may not be for you. You are asking, What’s next?  Join the dialogue.

Nonprofits – Do you want to start a nonprofit? Are you a nonprofit needing assistance to create a strong foundation? So you are asking “What’s next?”


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