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Philantrepreneur…. you probably won’t find this word in the dictionary yet, however, it is catching my attention as I hear the term more and more lately… or maybe I am imposing wishful thinking into my mindset. Working in the nonprofit sector for over 30 years I have seen the peaks and valleys, good, bad and ugly and trends and practices evolve. Some with great impact… others not so much. One strategy (trend) that I hope will grow and have great impact is the concept of Philantrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial sector has seen exponential growth due to many factors. A positive small business climate, corporate cutbacks and internet technology that has influenced individuals to step out on their own to create businesses. The concept of Philantrepreneur goes beyond an entrepreneur’s company supporting nonprofit organizations by making financial contributions or providing volunteers. As I would define this term, it combines the entrepreneurs personal passion and desire to give back to the community WITH planning and strategies that legally involve the business as a primary sponsor or donor in some cases. The traditional format of financially supporting external existing causes is still mainstream philanthropy however trends are changing and it is a viable and satisfying way of using the entrepreneurial spirit to benefit others.  Entrepreneurs are living and creating their own legacy. Following a model that creates financial stability for the nonprofit allowing it the capacity to build sound organizational operations ensuring an enduring future.

Corporations that create foundations have been using philanthropy as a solid business strategy for years. Cause marketing, social enterprise, corporate social responsibility are terms that identify various areas, means and methods of corporate philanthropy. IEG, a leader in global sponsorship has coined the phrase “Meaningful Marketing” as the trend for sponsorship involvement. It emphasizes measuring the return on investments of these strategies.  Foundations are looking for measurable outcomes. So everyone is considering the business impact nonprofit relationships can generate. The Philantrepreneur model does it for entrepreneurs.

Do you envision yourself a Philantrepreneur? Would you like to learn more about the Philantrepreneur model?

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What’s Beyond the Trees?


Most of us have used or heard the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. Well I am guilty of not seeing beyond the trees. So my question to you – Are you blinded by the trees in your own life?

Recently I gathered a group of insightful women to share, explore and brainstorm some of the ideas I had percolating. I was stumped and needed input and outside perspectives on what I thought were fabulous ideas.  These women came from different perspectives, walks of life and skill sets. What they did have in common however, is they are playing a role in this chapter of my life’s journey. I met and connected with them for a reason.

As we discussed the topics at hand, with numerous sidebar conversations, it was obvious that we were all were striving for similar goals… not paths, but goals. Sharing our own unique gift. Yet we were blinded by that gift and not exploring all of the opportunities that exist right beyond the edge of the forest. We couldn’t see beyond the trees.

Many times we get caught in the framework of ‘our expertise’. Not looking at how our gifts can be transferred successfully to support and impact a whole new audience. In my book The Wealthy Teacher: Answering the Question, What’s next? I encourage readers to expand their vision and reach, look beyond the forest, find those opportunities that utilize your valuable gifts in new and exciting ways.

I have discovered a whole new niche that I can support with my expertise. Not abandoning the education and nonprofit sectors, but increasing my reach I am able to share with independent event planners and speakers. The also can benefit from training related to corporate sponsorships… I so excited about the opportunity and look forward to serving in a new capacity.

So – What do you see beyond the forest in your life?

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