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Cause Marketing Grows Up

Cause Marketing is maturing into Meaningful Marketing and that is a good thing.

The concept of cause marketing as noted on The Philantrepreneur Radio Show in September has been around since 1974 when John Carr and The Foundation for Charitable Giving as a way of “giving back” engaged Charities and Businesses to support each other. We’re now witnessing the first major change in almost four decades–a shift referred to as “meaningful marketing.” This shift was initiated by corporate partners need to decrease cause based philanthropy but to developing purpose-based brands, sustainability and require nonprofits to fundamentally shift their approach to working with businesses if they wished to secure significant support.

It is a great concept because meaningful marketing unites and integrates businesses’ and organizations’ efforts behind a singular and truly meaningful idea that can achieve significant impact. Equipped with that big idea, corporations then need to identify the cause or causes that can deliver the brand value and marketing assets needed to live up to the idea’s promise, spread its message, and achieve the desired results.

Meaningful marketing hit its stride, with a handful of pioneering companies taking the lead and many more poised to adopt it as their central approach to partnering with nonprofits. Among those at the forefront: Coca Cola: Live Positively; Liberty Mutual: Responsibility Project; Kohl’s: Kohl’s Cares; and Dove’s Unstoppable Project.

Philantrepreneur-Sample-CoverMeaningful marketing can also work for small to midsize of entrepreneurs and nonprofits. The strategies are the same: demonstrate  marketing strategies that have community impact. The Philantrepreneur’ Ads for A Cause marketing platform provides the opportunity to implement meaningful marketing immediately in ongoing strategies.

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What’s Your Why?

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What is your Why?




I recently attended a conference and some of the content was right on target for me. I have been talking about finding the key to what’s next in your journey should be focused on finding and tapping into your passion to live life on purpose. What may help this message resonate for you is defining the difference between motivation and inspiration. 

Jim Howard, a conference speaker  and coincidentally the guiding voice behind finalizing my book title and cover design, stated the comparison of motivation and inspiration quite succinctly and simplistically.

Motivation is a short-term effect to get you past the moment. It usually comes from an external push.

Inspiration keeps you going, is your internal pull that is forever present.

Discover your inspiration and you will know your ‘Why’ without question. Put inspiration in all you do.


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