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WOW ‘Em – Webinar Secrets


As a life-long learner, educator, trainer and purveyor of information, you can only imagine the amount of time I’ve spent as a student and instructor. I’ve watched my own skills sharpen, develop and honed as an instructor on all levels and tweaked even further on the professional development stage. And then, if that weren’t enough, I added eLearning and blended formats as they emerged as leading platforms. When I say, “I have done it all”, that is not an over exaggeration.  

Small business owners often use digital resources to stay abreast of new products and trends, and promote their business.  So adding serial learner to my credential makes it understandable that I’ve participated in a fair share of webinars and teleconferences. Unfortunately I found myself being distracted – easily. I tried to control it but often drifted into my ‘teacher’ mode, assessing content, teaching methods and delivery effectiveness. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly! More important, I saw an opportunity to share my expertise, a teachable moment to help others create presentations that are valuable and effective for business,  learning  and marketing. To understand that effective presentations  include strong content, are delivered effectively and accomplish business goals to sell. Unfortunately many of the presentations created currently do not include all three elements.  

Coming!!  WOW ‘Em!! Webinar Secrets from the WEALTHY Teacher.

With the growth and heavy reliance on webinars, teleconferences, audio and all renditions of  digital communication in business, the need to use ‘teaching methods’ to effectively deliver content is even greater. Presentations designed as pure content or with sales outcomes need to capture attendees attention and provide a learning ‘experience’. So what specific strategies and nuances are needed for effective digital learning formats. Before answering that I’ll ask 3 simple questions.

  1. Are you aware of the negative impact a poor presentation can have on business credibility?
  2. Have you honed your skills to develop value driven content and deliver it effectively?
  3. Are you, yourself a great student?

Developing presentations can be beneficial on several levels. Teaching is an art form with skills and strategies and to be a good teacher you must understand the mindset of your audience (students) and role of business (teacher) which becomes a process of layering.  You need both to be effective. 


Barbara Winter, founder of Joyfully Jobless and Winning Ways Newsletter recently posted a blog entitled, 6 Tactics for Getting the Most out of a Seminar,  which emphasized how to be a good student. We often ‘forget’ (a kind way of putting it) how to be a good student and that learning is a two-way interaction on all levels. The total responsibility of learning is not all on the presenters plate, ‘good’ students must be present. However, as the ‘teacher’, it’s helpful to guide the process and begin online learning presentations with a friendly reminder to stay present. Earlier I asked, were you a great student? To develop great presentations sit in the students shoes – how do you learn? 

Presentations can be valuable and powerful, if done correctly. They can also send potential clients running.

Coming!!  WOW ‘Em!! Webinar Secrets from the WEALTHY Teacher.

Infusing business best practices, learn from a teacher the strategies that will help you:

  1. Develop value driven content to WOW and hold your audience
  2. Effective delivery to ‘teach’ the content
  3. Accomplish seamless seeding to meet business goals
  4. Please attendees by delivering what you promise
  5. Learn what it means to be a teacher and student

Coming!!  WOW ‘Em!! Webinar Secrets from the WEALTHY Teacher – ebook and training. 

These resources are for anyone that presents webinars as a marketing strategy or revenue source! 

Also great for those just starting out – develop content right the first time.

On the horizon: Wealthy Teacher topics will cover all aspects of training and development. How to create live presentations, webinars, teleconferences and even developing supportive materials. Kick your collateral and strategies to the next level.


What it all means… for YOU


Imagine being in a forest covered with haze. As the old saying goes, one can’t see the forest for the trees and ironically it applies in my situation. This vision had been brewing and looking back, it took a lifetime to evolve. It’s like the puzzle pieces finally started making sense and came together. The elements were all there, just not in focus and aligned on the right path. 

What evolved? I found my What’s next? First for some context, I was an early retiree with years of experience, training and supporting others realize their potential and capitalizing on their skills…. I was a teacher. My story is at the core of what emerged. Writing the book, The Wealthy Teacher: Answering the question, What’s next? became an exercise of self discovery and started me on a path to alignment. All of the pieces of my life were placed on a tablet before me as I discovered my needs.


So, what does it all mean and how does it have any impact for you? There are many people, consciously or unconsciously, looking for what’s next? However, many don’t realize that it is not the what that is important but actually the why. The secret is grounded in your core – your passion – your purpose. That is the element that ties everything together and creates lasting satisfaction. It also is at the core of what came next on my path to serve you.

Finding alignment, internally and externally was important. This alignment was the vision behind the launch of new services that connect with existing brands.  Externally, they may seem unrelated, however there is a strong thread that transcends and connects them – Passion for community service. Utilizing my story, experience and expertise as a trainer, nonprofit specialist, believer in social enterprise and corporate social responsibility, became the foundation.

Your needs –  Help you find meaning, purpose and be profitable too.

Are you asking what’s next as I did? Where does your passion lead you? Want to start a nonprofit, envision a business or combine the two? Supporting your needs has been central to our services and here’s how they work together.

  • Are you a Philanthropist by nature? the Galaxy group provides guidance and support to the nonprofit community.  From conception, to launch, to developing the systems, we assists building strong foundations with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Are you an Entrepreneur by nature? The Wealthy Teacher provides guidance to reignite and rejuvenate core values and passion. Then using that as the foundation create an entrepreneurial venture based on a social enterprise model. 

The Philantrepreneur        Where we are today….

Merging philanthropy and entrepreneurs under one umbrella The Philantrepreneur suite of services was launched. Providing support via consulting, coaching, training and multi-functional website we can deliver resources, strategies and insight to for profit and nonprofit entities. A new website gathers together in one location and allows access to the broad suite of services. Explore the Hub, Radio Show, Journal, Institute and interactive forum. Coming soon will be the Learning Library to round out our goal to create a community of passion driven individuals and social enterprises. Join the movement and excitement! Explore and register to become a member of the forum to add your voice.  You can have it all as a Philantrepreneur!  


To celebrate our launch please accept this complimentary copy of the Premier Edition of The Philantrepreneur Journal!!

Cause Marketing Grows Up

Cause Marketing is maturing into Meaningful Marketing and that is a good thing.

The concept of cause marketing as noted on The Philantrepreneur Radio Show in September has been around since 1974 when John Carr and The Foundation for Charitable Giving as a way of “giving back” engaged Charities and Businesses to support each other. We’re now witnessing the first major change in almost four decades–a shift referred to as “meaningful marketing.” This shift was initiated by corporate partners need to decrease cause based philanthropy but to developing purpose-based brands, sustainability and require nonprofits to fundamentally shift their approach to working with businesses if they wished to secure significant support.

It is a great concept because meaningful marketing unites and integrates businesses’ and organizations’ efforts behind a singular and truly meaningful idea that can achieve significant impact. Equipped with that big idea, corporations then need to identify the cause or causes that can deliver the brand value and marketing assets needed to live up to the idea’s promise, spread its message, and achieve the desired results.

Meaningful marketing hit its stride, with a handful of pioneering companies taking the lead and many more poised to adopt it as their central approach to partnering with nonprofits. Among those at the forefront: Coca Cola: Live Positively; Liberty Mutual: Responsibility Project; Kohl’s: Kohl’s Cares; and Dove’s Unstoppable Project.

Philantrepreneur-Sample-CoverMeaningful marketing can also work for small to midsize of entrepreneurs and nonprofits. The strategies are the same: demonstrate  marketing strategies that have community impact. The Philantrepreneur’ Ads for A Cause marketing platform provides the opportunity to implement meaningful marketing immediately in ongoing strategies.

To find out more about Ads For A Cause visit:


What’s Your Why?

blk red question


What is your Why?




I recently attended a conference and some of the content was right on target for me. I have been talking about finding the key to what’s next in your journey should be focused on finding and tapping into your passion to live life on purpose. What may help this message resonate for you is defining the difference between motivation and inspiration. 

Jim Howard, a conference speaker  and coincidentally the guiding voice behind finalizing my book title and cover design, stated the comparison of motivation and inspiration quite succinctly and simplistically.

Motivation is a short-term effect to get you past the moment. It usually comes from an external push.

Inspiration keeps you going, is your internal pull that is forever present.

Discover your inspiration and you will know your ‘Why’ without question. Put inspiration in all you do.


Finding Meaning


When was the last time you asked, “Wonder what I’ll do today?” Or did you use the phrase, “What will I do today?” These and similar questions are asked more and more often by early retirees and those dissatisfied or unfulfilled in their current work situation.  In a recent post I mentioned because of pension programs established 30 + years ago adults of this generation will spend 1/3 of their life in ‘retirement’.  Some opted willingly, some enticed by incentives offered by companies trying to streamline and some were just ready to take on something else.

Unconsciously some of us think we have a visions of what will come next. I thought I did too. I thought I would have the freedom to pick an choose. However, it became a cycle of done this, what’s next.  I soon found, I HAD to go back to my core.  So I am speaking to those that still are searching for ‘that something’ and those that are dissatisfied. No matter your age – This is your time. Are you living your values and following your passion?

So I’d like to ask the question, How are you approaching your next journey? Are you exploring what makes you tick? Do you know what brings you happiness. Sometimes that is the issue. Have you forgotten what brings meaning into your life. Would you like support exploring your next journey?

Boyd-WealthyTeacher CVR (2)

Dr. Victoria Boyd, Author | Trainer | Mentor

Available on all major online book outlets.

I’d like your feedback.

What will you do?

Did you know that most people spend 1/3 of their life in ‘retirement’? The concept of retirement has changed drastically over the years. It used to be a term used to describe someone in the last quarter of their life, 65 and up. In a post by the Social Security Administration, contrary to common belief most people do not opt for retirement because of poor health, rather from a combination of reasons such as unpleasant job, cut backs or just wanted to do something else. They are yearning for ‘something’ much earlier.

I can totally relate to the new retirement era. I had the perfect combination of life events merge which allowed me to retire retirement next exitearly. At the time I might have called it the perfect storm but in reality it was the urging of the universe pushing me to my purpose. It was not ‘my’ plan at all.

As most of us do, we start envisioning the future and ‘what will I do” in retirement. At the time it was just a vision, forecast to be several years down the road. Being from Michigan my dream was to move to a warmer, dry climate.  However, believe in the power of manifestation. I released the vision into the universe and a higher power created a timeline for me. My 5 to 7 year plan went to a brief 4 month whirlwind. In a blur I went from working a prestigious job, receiving options for layoff or retirement, opting for the latter, moving to a totally new state, building a house then – “starting my retirement”. It was my life plan, it happened a lot faster than anticipated. In this vast whirlwind of events, I had some unfinished details. What will I do?

I went through a series of experiments and ‘worked in several capacities. Until the realization that I needed to get back to my passion and create my purpose. Retirement is actually the beginning of something new. It is an opportunity to shift focus and become more purpose driven. Delve into it and start asking What’s next?

Dr. Boyd is the author of, The Wealthy Teacher, Answering the question What’s next? Morgan James Publishing, NYC

Visit: http://the-wealthy-teacher.comBoyd-WealthyTeacher CVR (2)

It’s about Improving Life

In my book The Wealthy Teacher: Answering the question What’s next? there is a section on distinguishing between ‘selling’ and ‘serving’ in a business setting. It is the basis for creating your message. You are there to solve a problem or improve someone’s life.

Richard Branson, the consummate entrepreneur, wrote a dynamic article on this exact topic so I would to share it with you – Richard Branson on Social Entrepreneurship 


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Follow your Passion and Success will follow you….

Dr. Victoria Boyd, Author of: The Wealthy Teacher: Answering the question, What’s next?

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