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Be Empowered!

I’ve written before about the impact of fear and how it can paralyze a person. Over the last week the subject has come up repeatedly and I’d like your feedback. As a business strategist I talk to many people that have a dream but for various reasons are stuck – yes stuck and held captive by fear and held back to take action to make their dream a reality.

I speak of fear in my book The Wealthy Teacher. I think it is important to point out that fear is an emotion. On the other hand so is excitement! They are two emotions that create the exact same physical reactions in our bodies. However you must be aware of and prepared to have the right response. It’s all about how we learn to experience and perceive this sensation. Can you have an attitude adjustment and let fear become excitement? YES!! Career change could be fearful, following your passion and dreams can be scary…. however with a plan, understanding and awareness you can make your passion come to life as an exciting new journey. Be prepared and excited about your future.
Tell me your fears… tell me how it has stopped you. Tell me how you will make an attitude adjustment.
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