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Sacrifice and You

Through life we often make sacrifices. For family, friends or to reach targeted goals. We look at it as a part of the journey we must endure. Some sacrifices lead to bigger and better outcomes and are worth the temporary discomfort. However, those sacrifices that go against our core beliefs can have a profound and lasting effect. Learn to distinquish actions that are good for you. Remember the E+R=O theory. Events + Response = Outcomes. Events happen, you can’t control them. What matters most is how will you RESPOND? Will the response be aligned with and grounded in your values? This key factor determines if the outcome will have short term solutions or life long implications. Are you prepared to make the right response?


Sacrifice is something educators become accustom to but NEVER sacrifice your ‘YOU VALUES’. If you do not make intentional actions to stay centered, happiness and satisfaction will always be an elusive commodity. Be happy, be centered and let your YOU VALUES be the focal point, heart of what you do and guide the decision making process. This will allow you to claim the spotlight of center stage in your life.

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