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What’s Next?

“What’s next?” These two powerful little words ask a big question.  A question we have all asked some time in our life. We all want to know…. and we need to get it right. A lot hangs on the question and the answer. So what is your What’s next? Do you know how to respond?

For me the question, “What’s next?” seems to be popping up everywhere. Maybe because I use it as a key question in my book The Wealthy Teacher, or when helping nonprofits, or frankly it is a question I am also asking myself. You know how the subconscious works. For example, you decide to buy a car and like a miracle, don’t you see that car everywhere you turn. Everyone has it – your car. Your subconscious has been put on high alert. I am on high alert for “What’s next?”

The question has significance and I should have recognized sooner that I was in the ‘What’s next?” business my entire education career. Students constantly ask, “What’s next?” However, thinking I had transitioned out of that mindset, the significance diminished. But whoa! It’s back and it’s back strong. I help two separate sectors answer their What’s next? I am still in the “What’s next?” business.


Educators facing change, threatened with layoff, frustrated or realizing that an education career may not be for you. You are asking, What’s next?  Join the dialogue.

Nonprofits – Do you want to start a nonprofit? Are you a nonprofit needing assistance to create a strong foundation? So you are asking “What’s next?”



Light At the End of the Tunnel

Oh yea…. sometimes you need to step back and take a breath. I have been AWOL for a couple of months. My fault, the-day-to-day distractions and intensity of getting a book published put writing  for the blog on hold. However, there are some parallels that emerged during the hiatus.

The Wealthy Teacher book will be published by Morgan James Publishing of NYC. Wooo hooo. Now the real work begins, I can really see my light, but I also want to help all of the educators facing a job loss see their light at the end of that tunnel. They are asking what’s next, where do I go, what do I do? I can help and so can you!

My goal is to give as many educators as possible a book free or for S&H cost only. They will then recognize that someone understands their plight and feelings. That I walked in their shoes and know that with a sound plan that taps into what really drives them, their passion, that they can create their own light beam.

How can you help? 10 days ago a campaign launched to fund the books for educators and there are only a few days remaining. Remember, I was also an educator and have the same limited resources but a burning desire to support and guide them. Please take these 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Visit:

Please visit the site today, there are only a few days left to get the needed resources.

Step 2: Click the RED Fuel Project button and support my efforts.

Step 3: Spread the word, share with your network and help educators facing layoff, and forced retirements.

If you have other ideas on how to support educators leaving the system, please share.

Let’s make that light shine bright!!

Sacrifice and You

Through life we often make sacrifices. For family, friends or to reach targeted goals. We look at it as a part of the journey we must endure. Some sacrifices lead to bigger and better outcomes and are worth the temporary discomfort. However, those sacrifices that go against our core beliefs can have a profound and lasting effect. Learn to distinquish actions that are good for you. Remember the E+R=O theory. Events + Response = Outcomes. Events happen, you can’t control them. What matters most is how will you RESPOND? Will the response be aligned with and grounded in your values? This key factor determines if the outcome will have short term solutions or life long implications. Are you prepared to make the right response?


Sacrifice is something educators become accustom to but NEVER sacrifice your ‘YOU VALUES’. If you do not make intentional actions to stay centered, happiness and satisfaction will always be an elusive commodity. Be happy, be centered and let your YOU VALUES be the focal point, heart of what you do and guide the decision making process. This will allow you to claim the spotlight of center stage in your life.

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